UMW Student Retreat – Spring 2018

Train your Mind!

Every semester, we organize a weekend meditation retreat at the Bhavana Society for all sections of Contemplative Practice I and II. The retreat is open to all UMW students, staff, and faculty, space permitting. The Bhavana Society is a Buddhist monastery in the forest tradition, founded by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. Retreats are open to all. No one need be Buddhist to participate: persons of any faith or none are welcome.

The spring 2018 retreat will take place March 16 – 18. We will depart from campus at 4:00 pm on Friday, and will be returning to campus Sunday afternoon. The retreat is a silent retreat. After orientation, participants are asked to maintain a “noble silence” for the duration of the retreat (apart from minimal necessary communication for the work period, for example, or any Q & A period). There will be an opportunity for open discussion after lunch on Sunday before our return.

There is no cost for participating. The Bhavana Society does not charge for retreats, and its activities are supported entirely by donations. The Leidecker Center for Asian Studies supports our retreats with a donation every semester, and of course individual participants are free to make a donation dependent on desire and ability, but there is no obligation or expectation that you do so.

You may register at the Bhavana Society website. Our group will not be listed as a retreat on the website. So, to register, first go to There you will want to click on “visit” (not, “retreats,” but “visit”) and then on “visit registration.” (You will need to signup for an account and log in first). On the visit registration form, for arrival date and time, put in 3/16/2018 and 6 pm. For departure date and time put in 3/18/2018 and 1 pm.

Then all you need to do it click your agreement to abide by the rules and submit.

You can see a few photos from some past semesters’ retreats here, and below is a typical schedule: