Minor in Contemplative Studies

For full details on the Minor in Contemplative Studies, see the UMW Catalog page for the Contemplative Studies Minor!


Requirements for the Contemplative Studies Minor

required courses:

CPRD 104 Contemplative Practice

CPRD 304 Contemplative Practice II

PSYC 100 General Psychology


5 additional classes, which must represent at least two different departments, and at least three of which must be at the 300-400 level.

ARTH 350 Neoclassicism to Impressionism

ARTH 351 Post-Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism

ARTH 352 American Art

ARTH 354 Pop Art to the Present

ARTH 355 Modern Architecture

ARTH 470 Contemporary Architecture since 1960

CLAS 202 Ancient Tragedy

CPRD 299 Mysterium Humanum (given relevant topic)

BIOL 410 Neurobiology

GEOG 335 Sacred Spaces

PHIL 201 History of Ancient Greek Philosophy

PSYC 305 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 351 Positive Psychology

RELG 283 Hinduism

RELG 284 Buddhism

RELG 287 Daoism

RELG 340 Mysticism East and West

RELG 331 Special Topics relevant to the minor, such as Neurotheology, Yoga and Tantra, will be considered

XXXX 491 Independent Study (with approved topic)