Meditation Journal

Meditation Journal Form

Use the format explained below for keeping your meditation journal.  It will be your record of practice for the semester.  Please submit a copy weekly.  Your meditation journal will provide a record that will 1) help me to try to answer questions or to offer suggestions that might help you cultivate your practice, and 2) provide you with a basis of personal data to use in writing your paper.

In making entries to your journal, you want to strive for brevity, accuracy, and precision.

Make a separate entry for each session.  Use the entries to describe your practice in detail, but you do not need to be repetitive, i.e., you may combine similar traits.

You should divide your journal pages into 9 columns for each entry as follows:

1. Date,
2. Practice Type (e..g, sitting, walking,…),
3. Duration of session,
4. What occurred,
5. How you noted it,
6. What happened to it,
7. What worked,
8. What did not work,
9. Other comments.

First you identify what occurred, e.g., you might record “rising occurred.”

Next record how you noted it, what silent verbal label did you give it, e.g., “I note it as ‘rising.’”

Then, describe what happened to the event, e.g., “As I noted rising, this is what I experienced, these are the sensations I felt, this is how the sensations behaved, this is what happened to the sensation.”

Describe what worked and what did not work, for example, if one type of breathing felt uncomfortable, and another type more comfortable, notice that and report it.

The column marked “other comments” can be used if there is anything else outside of these three parts of the report that you want to record.  It is not necessary to make an entry, unless you want to add something.


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