CPRD 304 Final Research Project Guidelines

Contemplative Practice II – Final Research project

For your final project, you are to research one type of contemplative practice.

Examples of possible practices that you might choose include (but are not limited to):

Walking meditation
Meditation on Death
Dream yoga
Tai chi

Your research for the project must include both 1) traditional sources and 2) contemporary research. You should have minimum of 6 sources in total. Completed papers can be expected to be around 10 Р15 pages in length.

Final papers will be graded on 1) writing style and mechanics, 2) quality of thesis and organization, 3) thoroughness of research, 4) thoroughness of development, and 5) reflectiveness and thoughtfulness of content.

As part of the final project, you should also develop a guided meditation (which you will have an opportunity to lead), suitable to the type of meditation that you are studying.

Proposals should specify:1) what type of meditation you will be studying, 2) your own reason(s) for your selection, 3) a brief narrative indicating how you currently envision developing your paper and 4) a bibliography.  You do not need to have consulted all the items on your bibliography by the time you submit the proposal. Aim to be as comprehensive as you can with your proposal bibliography, knowing that you may not use all the items for writing your final paper.